A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An unfinished 2D platformer where you play as a skull that has fallen into a cave pit. Your body is scrambled all over and you make a deal with the devil to possess magical powers.

Interactions are simple as rolling, collecting and shooting bones to navigate your player around the level. There will be interesting creatures that you will meet during your time in the spooky cave.


Level Designer: Dane

Visual Artist: Clinton T.

Music/Sound: Trevor

Narrative: Hailey P.

Coder: Kevin and Ivan (Mob Mechanics)

Install instructions


Unzip the compressed folder, and start the executable


Download the compressed file, then unzip the file. You will be able to click on the Unity executable to play the game. Enjoy!!!

To exit your game, press on the OPTION, COMMAND, and ESC keys to force close the game.


bone-jam-mac.app.zip 24 MB
bone-jam-win.zip 24 MB

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